There’s a curious intersection of two comedy careers involving both the Montreal Comedy Festival and new sitcoms on ABC: Giraldo was not the only comedian who made a splash in Montreal and ended up with his own series on network television. So did Ray Romano, with Everybody Loves Raymond.

In fact, the first episodes of both shows were shot on the same day and in the same lot:

ABC’s Sunset and Gower studios could be straight out of a movie. Those entering the entertainment factory can clearly see the iconic Hollywood sign in the studio’s backdrop. This is where the Common Law pilot was shot. That same day ABC filmed the first episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. At the show’s outset, Common Law looked to be the next huge hit. [Rick Dorfman]

Giraldo and Romano also talked to each other about their experiences:

Greg and Ray would commiserate after tapings, and he said that Ray always was like, “I don’t know about this show.” Greg was like pretty confident in his, but it’s also because like Greg was pretty green. So Greg was like, “Ah, this is my big shot.” Greg was on the cover of TV Guide and stuff like that. He was one of like the 50 beautiful people that year. [Jesse Joyce]

Everybody Loves Raymond premiered 15 days before Common Law did, and it went on to last for 9 seasons.